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Private lesson

You always struggle to keep your motivation to learn french ?
You are fed up to always be misunderstood when you try to talk
with french people
You simply want to have fun while learning a new language?

I teach real conversational french to all students of all ages and levels. My goal is to show you that french can be within everyone’s reach. It doesn’t have to be boring and you will be soon enough comfortable to talk freely.

Private lesson 1h/week

Private lesson 2h/week

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Master your pronunciation

Do you feel frustrated when a native doesn’t understand what you’re saying? Have you ever been in such a situation? Do you use the right vocabulary, and your grammar is correct, but your interlocutor does not always understand what you are saying?

Master your pronunciation in French :


• Basic French Pronunciation Sounds
• Pronunciation Of Liaison In French
Silent Letters In French

Intensive learning

Do you have to prepare for an exam? A job interview? Do you want to get up to speed quickly, and put all your chances on your side?

I offer you an intensive one-week learning session to prepare you as well as possible!

5 private lessons in one week !

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