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  • E-BOOK – 30 days to learn French. / My learning booklet + video lesson / From A0 to A2



    YOUR LEARNING BOOKLET – 30 days to learn French. From A0 to A2. 

    -/ Video présentation of ” 30 days to learn French”. /- 

    You want to learn French but you don’t know where to start ?

    You are a beginner in French and you still struggle to make progress ?

    I made for you the perfect learning booklet with 30  French lessons and 30 pages  of playful exercises to make sure you will remember all of the vocabulary you learned. Add to this, you will have access to a step by step video   where i teach you  all of the 30 lessons you have in the E-book. With this video, you will also be able to learn the pronunciation of every French words.

    This printable E-book is the perfect materiel to start to learn French,  to  go to the next level in French or just to review your learnings. 


  • French Lesson: In the kitchen.


    French lesson: in the kitchen.

    In this pdf you will find all the French vocabulary on the theme of cooking (ingredients, kitchen utensils, specific verbs in cooking) and exercises to practice your vocabulary.