About me

Lover of nature and animals, I live in a small country town in the South West of France.
After several years in an office doing a job that did not suit me, I needed to take on new challenges and match my professional and personal life.

Having lived in a family of 4 children, we never had the opportunity to travel outside of France during my childhood. It was during my studies that I was able to travel to Canada for 3 months.

Then, I had a real revelation during my university semester abroad in India in New Delhi. Indeed, this country had the effect on me like being hit by a bomb and I became passionate about South-West Asia!

Thus, I continued my travels in India, in Sri Lanka but also in Nepal where I return every year. These trips allowed me to exchange and learn about the cultures and languages ​​of the world.

Learn french with Alix can be summed up in 3 words :


Good mood