4 keys to keep going and stick with your learning habits

You may think :
• “I want to learn real practical French”
• “I’m very busy, I don’t have a lot of time but I really want to learn French.”
• “How do I keep myself from getting demotivated?”
• “My lack of progress is quite frustrating!”


So you have to stick to your learning habit. But how to do it ?

First, you have to start! Once, you will have learn the first basics it will be easier to
continue and you will find great rewards to start a French conversation with someone.

But, after starting, there is 4 keys to keep going and stick with your learning habits to
see progress.

1 – Don’t rely on motivation but rely on discipline !

Motivation can fluctuate and it’s normal ! You will have good days and bad days but what make you continue is DISCIPLINE.

2- Consistency

Keep going and even if sometime you do not see results, consistency will make it happen !

3- Habits

Build habits so you will not miss any learning moment ! Even 10 or 5 minutes a day, keep going on your habits and after some days it will be just your normal routine.

4- Make it easier

Slice it up and make it easier. Slice your dream of being completely fluent in French in few learning progress and give your rewards after all little steps !

All of this is what makes all the difference when you set out to achieve long-term goals such as learning French.
With this method, you will be able to:

  • Sustain learning French for a longer period of time and keep going even during the toughest (or laziest) of days.
  • Keep your motivation intact even when you are tempted to just stop without hitting your learning goals.

You want to start learning now ?

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